PREMAFARMA is a national pharmacy dedicated to the development of custom medicines that are not provided by the pharmaceutical industry, either because they have been discontinued or simply because they have not been placed on the market due to low sales volume, and therefore not cost-effective for mass production.

PREMAFARMA’s compounding are made possible due to continuous research and development of new custom formulas, with short response times, in hand with quality raw materials that are supplied by a broad portfolio of duly approved national and international suppliers.

Non-sterile Preparations

      • Creams, lotions, suspensions, ointments
      • Capsules
      • Syrups
      • Rectal and vaginal suppositories
No Esteriles 1
No Esteriles 2 No Esteriles 3

Telephone: (506) 2225-3774   Fax: (506) 2225-3794
Address: 50m South of Casa Italia.
Francisco Peralta. San José, Costa Rica.