Pharmaceutical PREMA FARMA

We are the only compounding-only drugstore in Costa Rica with an ample variety of formulations and ingredients.

We opened Sept 2005 and handle more than 300 formulas and 400 raw materials. We are members of PCCA (Pharmaceutical Compounding Centers of America) and are experienced in many pharmaceutical forms (transdermal gels, troches, capsules, ointments, creams, gels, suppositories, syrups, douches, etc).

We have recently installed a clean room that complies with USP <797> that allows us to do injectables, chelation therapy, combination eye drops, etc.

We are registered suppliers to CCSS and our customers include all major hospitals (CIMA, Clinica Biblica, Clinica Catolica, Hospital Santa Maria, Clinica Santa Rita, Hospital San Juan de Dios CCSS) and the most respected physicians in the Central Plateau.

We are direct importers of all our USP grade materials and have the flexibility of ordering anything needed that is available through our major US catalogs.

We take your prescriptions and consultations and deliver all over the country and overseas.

Pharmacist in charge Dr. Ana V. Ovares.

Our most requested preparations are:

  • TRI MIX and SUPER TRI MIX (Alprostadil, papaverin, phentolamine for erectile dysfunction)
  • Testosterone 1-10% transdermal gel
  • Bioidentical hormones replacement therapy (creams, suppositories, drops, capsules)
  • Thyroid hormones supplements (T3-T4)
  • PEG 3350 (equivalent to Miralax for constipation control)